About Scott Bideau


I’ve spent over 20-years in the Customer Relationship Management, Knowledge Management, and search industry working with almost every major CRM/KM/search platform across a variety of functional, technical, and managerial roles within multiple industry verticles.

    “Scott is a human swiss-army knife: he has so broad a skill set, he can always find a way to deliver.”Scott Davis, CEO, Lyzasoft

Throughout my career, one goal has remained unchanged: to help my clients deliver the same effortless experiences that I would expect as their customer or employee.

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I believe in living life to the fullest by balancing high intensity with recovery, both physically and mentally.

This often includes taking a bike ride or grabbing a few ski runs over the lunch break to get a fresh perspective on the workday’s current challenges. I enjoy backcountry camping with my family to spend quality time together while connecting with both the beauty and uncertainty of nature.

I strive to make a positive difference in my community through personal volunteering and financial support. My favorite charitable organizations are those that help children and people with developmental disabilities.

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This avocation introduces me to new landscapes, interesting people, and impactful personal projects while also generating money for charity.

I love sharing my passion for photography with others. I regularly host free workshops to help others learn what I have finally grasped. I founded a local Help-Portrait chapter that has provided a free, professional portrait to hundreds of people in need.

My favorite photograph? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.

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