During my 10 years as a strategic account executive at Coveo, I have not only landed some of our largest and most important customers, I have also enjoyed telling the stories of their success.

Customer Reference Program

In 2014, I created an all-encompassing reference program for Coveo that provided clients with a line-item discount on their subscription in exchange for a contractual obligation to a certain number of reference calls/visits each year, logo use and other written marketing references, case study, joint webinar and/or industry conference speaking session, and more. In just my first two years, I signed up 100% of my clients to this program, which completely transformed and dramatically propelled our newly launched subscription and support services line of business.

Industry & User Conference Speaking Sessions

In this 2015 Dreamforce session, my client, VMware, shared the details of their highly successful partner portal deployment. Outcomes like a 21% increase in partner engagement within a partner channel that drove 70% of the company’s revenue attracted significant interest from attendees for Coveo’s first Dreamforce speaking session. This presentation caused multiple, large ACV opportunities to enter the active pipeline. Key success measurements and other snippets were also featured in various blog posts, webinars, and other Coveo marketing content and activities. I have worked with various other clients to do similar presentations at subsequent Dreamforces, TSIA, KM World, and other industry conferences, including:

Case Studies

I have always ensured that a large variety of strategic accounts become contractually obligated to publish public-facing marketing materials that highlight their success. After a successful deployment, I then work with that client’s executive sponsor alongside our customer success and marketing team to produce compelling case studies. Many of these stories have also become the basis for presentations at various industry conferences, including TSIA, Dreamforce, KM World, and more.

Reference-Based Sales Pitches

I have personally completed an exhaustive data analysis effort across many different sets of metrics and clients in order to identify powerful, fact-based sales pitches, such as how “Genesys, Watchguard, and Salesforce all tripled call deflection in just a few months!” I then work with Coveo marketing to develop a wide variety of documented assets to support these claims, including:

Customer Reviews

A significant number of my customers have submitted their opinions to public review sites either because of their obligations under the previously mentioned Customer Reference Program or because they simply volunteered to help other companies find the same success that they enjoy with our platform.

  • Gartner Peer Insights reviews from Capital Group, Salesforce, SAP, Ping Identity, Intuit, and more.
  • Salesforce AppExchange reviews from Cadence Design Systems, Tableau, F5, CentralSquare, Zoom, Informatica, and more.
  • G2 reviews from Bass Pro Shops, Brocade, Anheuser-Busch, Logitech, Palo Alto Networks, and more.

Customer Advisory Board

With no CAB formally existing at Coveo, I started a personal project in 2021 called “Knowledge Management Best Practices.” I host regular meetings where clients can share best practices amongst themselves while also hearing from various special guests. Typical attendance is around 75+ director level or above with presentations from companies like F5 and Akamai. I have also done 1:1 interviews with industry analysts, consultants, and other experts. Attendees regularly tell me that this is exactly the type of customer advisory board they wish vendors would actually create!

Company Funding

Each of the various private and public funding rounds for Coveo has relied heavily on reference customers that I landed as new clients and contractually obligated as referencable in these scenarios. Examples include (a) this 2015 Coveo Press Release where all four customers mentioned (AECOM, Brocade, BMC, and MobileIron) were mine, (b) presentations to private equity companies like Evergreen Coast Capital where executive sponsors from accounts of mine like Adobe and Microsoft provided direct testimonials about the success they have realized with our platform, and even (c) post-IPO press releases mentioning clients that I landed and continue to manage expansion at (Informatica and SAP).


Scott’s super power is that he listens well, has the customer’s best interest at heart, is innovative, and truly cares about his customers and getting to a positive outcome.

Bente Vollan, Global head of Support, SAP

Scott is a human swiss-army knife: he has so broad a skill set, he can always “find a way” to deliver. 

Scott Davis, CEO, Lyzasoft