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Bike Town USA Ambassadors

This summer I’m joining a group of 12 other volunteers in the inaugural class of Bike Town USA Ambassadors, a program that puts experienced local cyclists on area trails to answer any questions riders might have.  Having completed my first official ride today, I am thrilled at the impact this program is sure to have.

First, let me say how impressed I am by this group of volunteers. From town challenge racers to recreational riders, we’re all here to help ensure a smooth ride for visitors and locals alike. And that’s exactly what I set out to do today.

With my new “Ask Me, I’m a Local” jersey on, I began to peddle up Bluff’s Loop and quickly ran into Joey and Tony, a couple visiting from Denver to celebrate his 65th birthday. The trail configuration had changed a bit since their last ride on Emerald Mountain, so I gladly helped them navigate including recommending a new local’s favorite: Morning Gloria.

A short time later I met a group of three recent Florida high school graduates who are road tripping across the country in an RV. They had stopped in Steamboat to try mountain biking for the first time and were quite excited to get to the “very top” of Emerald Mountain. After offering a private tour, I was quite impressed with their ability to climb 1,600 feet from a 6,700 foot base versus their usual sea level environment. The highlight of our day was navigating up and over the experts-only Root Canal trail before heading down Wild Rose, a local’s favorite rarely ridden by tourists.

Mountain biking can be quite intimidating when you don’t know the local trail conditions and directions. But in Steamboat, we’ll now have yellow-jerseyed ambassadors riding around most days pointing everyone from young families to experienced visitors in the right direction. I’m proud to be a part of the program.

For more information on the Bike Town USA ambassador program, visit:


  1. That was the sickest thing ever. Thanks for making that the most intense ride! Glad we could keep up with the pace.

  2. Thank you for showing us around! We were super stoked! Maybe we’ll cross paths again.

    • Scott Bideau

      June 23, 2017 at 1:12 pm

      It was my pleasure to guide you all. Have fun on the rest of your cross-country trip!

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