This was my first winter outside of Steamboat in a while and the dismal snowfall at Arizona Snowbowl nearly put my ski legs into hibernation. Thankfully, a recent trip to Banff National Park in British Columbia provided three consecutive days of powder on top of already great mountain conditions.

The trip was officially for Coveo’s “Sales Excellence Club,” so I first thank and congratulate my fellow colleagues for another stellar year while conveying the highest gratitude to our CEO, Louis Tetu, for coming up with the idea to celebrate in Banff!

My wife was initially worried about our 8-year old son skiing a new mountain in another country. Thankfully both Sunshine and Lake Louise Resort were very clearly marked, although sending the above photo back home didn’t seem to put her at ease. My sister wasn’t much happier since that’s her husband accompanying.

Growing up in a ski town, my son got an early itch for first tracks. Thankfully, we found plenty of freshies each of the three days.

The crowds in Banff, at least compared to places like Vail, were non-existent. We had more than a few great turns down this wide open and untracked powder field in-bounds at Sunshine Resort.

The sidecountry was also fantastic.

Overall, I was very impressed with the diversity of terrain and serenity at both Sunshine and Lake Louise. Combined with great snowfall for the season and our trip – the “Boys B.C. ski trip” was just perfect.

If you do visit Sunshine in Banff National Park, make sure and ski both the B.C. and Alberta side. This lift sign shows how easy it is to make the crossover.