We just got back from a Memorial Day camping trip near the petroglyphs of McConkie Ranch in Utah – a pretty cool area that the kids really enjoyed.

Our dispersed campsite was just a few miles from the ranch with a great mix of shade near the camper and an adjacent open field for soaking up the sun.

The kids especially enjoyed the creek, which was only a 15-20 steps away from the camper and had a great sandbar for playing in. I love falling asleep to the sound of flowing water while camping.

The kids had a great time visiting the ranch with the easy hiking trails, the viewing of petroglyphs after having just watched “The Croods” movie, and playing in the rock caves on the side of the trails. Our daughter’s best friend and parents accompanied us.

Here’s one quick example of the petroglyphs seen along the trail.

Back at the campsite, we enjoyed the typical campfire and smores, some mountain bike riding on the nearby trails, and quite a bit of “inside the camper” time thanks to a fairly wet weekend. Thankfully we had a lot of board games to keep everyone busy.