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Steamboat URA: End Won’t Justify the Means

“We support downtown Steamboat Springs but believe that no end justifies potentially illegal or unethical means. We find the proposed URA and TIF process itself to be the only menace to public morals and encourage our fellow citizens to hold City Council accountable to the policies and state law they took an oath to support” (excerpt of a joint statement from Routt County Commissioner chairman, Doug Monger, and Steamboat Springs Board of Education Director, Scott Bideau).

Steamboat School Board Elects 5th Member in Highly Contested Race

In one of the biggest candidate pools for an open-seat election the Steamboat Springs School Board has had in recent memory, the panel finally got to full strength Thursday evening. The School Board unanimously elected Scott Bideau to fill the open seat, and for the first time since July, the district knows who its permanent members will be for at least two years.

Location-Neutral Businesses Grow in Steamboat

Scott Bideau, a member of Steamboat’s location-neutral workforce, will address the Steamboat Springs City Council on Tuesday and ask them to help foster his growing sector of the economy. He said the presentation will mostly be informal.

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