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My Steamboat Winter Carnival Photo Published on Fox News

The Colorado ski town of Steamboat Springs has Wild West flair, featuring a biathlon where competitors dress in vintage fur trapper’s clothing and then ski while shooting black powder muzzleloaders. Aside from other traditional ski contests, there are also shovel races, a donkey jump and two races that blur the line between dog sledding and dad sledding: in one contest, family dogs pull their kids on sleds, and in the other, dads do the same, on all fours. Photo by Scott Bideau.

Myths About Lens Compression

One of the first concepts I learned about in portrait photography was “Lens Compression.” The common definition is that a telephoto lens will “compress” the foreground and background together. This produces a more pleasing portrait that doesn’t distort facial features while still drawing attention to your subject (and not the background). In this post, I’ll get into more detail as to what lens compression truly is (and isn’t) and discuss how it applies to other genres of photography, like landscapes.

Scott Bideau displaying his artwork at Prairiebrooke Arts in Overland Park, KS

Prairiebrooke Galleries

I’m excited to announce that Prairiebrooke Galleries of Overland Park, Kansas now offers my landscape photos for sale along with custom framing of those images. I stopped by this morning and was glad to see one of my photos featured inside the gallery….

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