Now that we live just 3 hours from the Grand Canyon, I was excited to finally visit one of the seven wonders of the natural world. We decided to camp just outside of the South Rim National Park area and brought the bikes along for some amazing riding.

It was surprisingly easy to find a free camping spot not too far from the National Park entrance since we weren’t visiting in peak season. There are several forest roads that allow dispersed camping – just check the Forest Service’s Motor Vehicle Use Map.

Biking a dirt road near Grand Canyon

What I really appreciated is how easy it was to bike along one of these forest roads to connect with the Arizona Trail…which in turn leads directly into the park.

It was about 7 miles from our campsite to the El Tovar Hotel overlook point famously featured in the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation.  We spent a little more time than the Grizwold’s enjoying the view and having lunch inside the hotel.

6-year old biking Hermits Road in Grand Canyon

We then boarded a shuttle bus to Monument Creek vista where biking along the rim’s edge is allowed for several miles on Hermits Road. Each bus can only hold 2-3 bikes, so plan to split up if you’re 4 or more. Thankfully the buses come fairly frequently (every 10 – 20 minutes)

child photographing Grand Canyon

Photo opportunities are nearly endless at the Grand Canyon. My 8-year old son almost filled his memory card! Below is one of my favorites that he took.

Grand Canyon South Rim