Discharged water from your popup camper’s sink or shower should never be allowed to simply drain out the side and onto the ground. Food particles will attract animals and soap chemicals will damage the landscape. This is particularly important in desert environments where even clean water discharge can cause erosion.

I previously used an Aqua-Tainer to collect my grey water discharge for proper disposal when done camping. The manufacturer of this container recently came out with an even better product for this application: the Hydroller.

The Hydroller has a flip up handle that allows you to “roll” the grey water to a proper disposal location. Speaking from personal experience, this is much better than carrying 50 pounds of dirty water at the end of a camping trip. A large diameter 4″ cap makes it easy to empty and clean. It’s also slightly larger than the Aqua-Tainer (8 gallons instead of 7).

When done, simply fold the handle down as shown in the top image for easy storage inside your popup camper.

This complete setup is easily achieved with the following parts:

  1. 90° Drain Connector
  2. Cheap garden hose
  3. Hydroller

Simply attach the drain connector to your popup camper discharge pipe and then to the garden hose. Cut the hose to length, making sure the water drains over a nice even slope, and then discharge the hose into the Hydroller.

The Hydroller happens to fit perfectly under my popup camper (although my frame is lifted, so your height may vary).

To complete the setup, I drilled a little hole through the removable cap’s valve handle and attached it to the Hydroller with a string to ensure that I never left said cap at the campsite.