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LTE Error in Windows 10: “Can’t connect to this network. Enter an apn and try again.”

About a month after I fixed my “SIM PIN2” error on the LTE card installed inside my new laptop, I started experiencing the following error when attempting to connect:

“Can’t connect to this network. Enter an apn and try again.”

If you have this problem or are generally looking how to override a Windows 10 default driver, I may be able to help.

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Spring Break on the Colorado

With the kids out of school for several days and warm temperatures calling our names, we headed down near the Mexico border for several days of camping, kayaking, and fishing along the Colorado River. We now have a new addition to our list of favorite boondocking campsites.

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Blower Snow in Banff

This was my first winter outside of Steamboat in a while and the dismal snowfall at Arizona Snowbowl nearly put my ski legs into hibernation. Thankfully, a recent trip to Banff National Park in British Columbia provided three consecutive days of powder on top of already great mountain conditions.

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RIP Customer Service. Long Live Customer Empowerment!

Customer service is dying a painful death. My friend and industry analyst Esteban Kolsky predicts extinction by 2025 while Salesforce has already called it. Regardless of the exact end date, only the vendors who successfully transition to a model of customer empowerment and independence will survive.

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If You Don’t Do It This Year, You’ll Be One Year Older When You Do

I saw my first Warren Miller ski film in 1998. Some friends and I were watching it over college winter break, and before the movie was over, I had convinced several of them to leave that night for a ski trip to Colorado.  I would soon fall in love with life in a ski town and eventually do as Warren recommended in the movie: move there.

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My Personal Experiment with Crowdsourced Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS)®

The embedded broadband chip inside my new laptop wasn’t working. Neither my cell provider nor the PC manufacturer’s support website offered a resolution even though the problem was commonly complained about online. I eventually fixed the issue myself and decided that if vendors refuse to publish knowledge content on their website, then I’ll do so on mine! And thus began my personal experiment with crowdsourced Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS)®.

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SIM PIN2 error when installing new mobile broadband (LTE) device on Windows 10

I recently installed a Sierra Wireless EM7455 LTE card inside a new laptop, and directly after inserting the new SIM card, Windows 10 displayed “No Service” before eventually showing an error about a locked SIM card. It turns out the problem had nothing to do with the SIM card.

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Thank You

After a time of Thanksgiving with family and close friends, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the exceptional group of people that I was lucky enough to work with this past year.

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Lake Mohave Camping & Kayaking

After my trip on the lower Colorado River a few weeks ago, we decided to visit Lake Mohave as a family for some warm weather, shoreline camping, multi-state kayaking, and even a campfire on what the kids deemed a “secret island.” This was one of our best camping trips yet.

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10 Tips for Dreamforce

I’ll never forget my first Dreamforce.

Schedules spread out across multiple buildings. An event map spanning different neighborhoods of downtown San Francisco. Restaurant lines wrapping around the block.

Thankfully, I’ve picked up a few tips since then to enjoy this amazing conference even better.

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