This Quota Club isn’t a free trip to the beach in the middle of winter (Q1) to celebrate those who made quota last year. But if we do it right, it might be more rewarding.

This Quota Club isn’t an exclusive invite to only the top performers. But it might help you become next year’s top salesperson.

This Quota Club isn’t trying to sell you a book or any other form of costly sales training.

This Quota Club is a personal project striving to produce more noble sellers that enable more successful buyers. Anyone is invited, so long as you want to learn from others and share your ideas, best practices, and worst mistakes so that others may learn from you. Buyers are welcome, too!

When: Tuesday, December 5th at 9am pacific
(first event in what is hopefully a monthly or bi-weekly get-together)

Inaugural Topics:

  1. Biz Dev: Questions that qualify a deal AND help the buyer, too!
  2. Account Execs: How to unstick stuck deals

Where: Zoom link forthcoming after completing the registration form below.

    Important Note: In order to prevent SPAM/web conference hijacking, you must be verifiable on LinkedIn using the name/company you provide before receiving a calendar invite.