With the kids out of school for several days and warm temperatures calling our names, we headed down near the Mexico border for several days of camping, kayaking, and fishing along the Colorado River. We now have a new addition to our list of favorite boondocking campsites.

The mighty Colorado is quite different from the headwaters we used to live near in Steamboat Springs or the Class V rapids we once rafted near Buena Vista. It’s a welcomed change of pace for easy fishing and kayaking with the kids.

Finding dispersed camping spots like this requires hours of pre-planning. I scour Google Earth, Public Lands maps, and check water flow measurement stations at various points along the river. Even then, you never really know what it will be like until you physically arrive. Thankfully, our spot was even better than expected.

Calm river water, a nearby oxbow, warm temperatures, and abundant wildlife provided the perfect respite from civilization while allowing the kids to work on their kayaking and water reading skills.

The landscape was simply beautiful with ample grass, bushes, and trees along the shoreline surrounded by mountain peaks in the background. Huge bass were taking easily to streamers and spinners, but unfortunately, we hadn’t yet upgraded our poles, line, and tippet from the lighter weight needs of Colorado rainbow trout.

During a brief rain delay, we got a chance to explore some nearby roads, lakes, and wildlife areas. My wife prefers the “Primitive Roads” of the desert as compared to some of the jeep roads I took her on in Colorado, where a full-size spare tire, Dramamine, and winch were common cargo.