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We Make a Life by What We Give

Winston Churchill once said that “we make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” This idea was top of mind as I visited the Gates Foundation and pondered the magnitude of how Bill and Melinda are turning what they “got” into what they now “give.” When I posted this picture to  Twitter, I pledged to donate 100% of my income from the project to charities in my local community who have similar missions to that of the Gates Foundation. With the contracts now signed – I am excited to announce where that money is going.

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Help Portrait Steamboat 2016

I just returned from a 12-hour day at Help Portrait Steamboat. This year was our largest ever, serving over 110 people in a single day with free hair and makeup, a professional portrait session, and sending them all home with a framed print.  We also had a special visitor – Santa!

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Help Portrait Steamboat 2013

Last week was our second annual Help Portrait Steamboat, an event providing a free portrait session to people in need, including hair and makeup, a meal while they wait, and a large, framed print. This year I’m highlighting the “behind the scenes” work that makes this fabulous production a reality. For a quick overview of the event concept and why I founded it here in Steamboat, check out the “Inaugural Help Portrait Steamboat” post.View Full Post

Inaugural Help Portrait Steamboat

Words can’t begin to describe how nervous I was for our inaugural Help Portrait Steamboat. Hair, makeup, and a professional portrait before printing onsite and sending everyone home with a framed photo. The logistics had me worried, but our volunteers and guests were nothing short of amazing for an event that I won’t soon forget and am already planning for next year.

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Ski 4 Yellow

I had an amazing time at the 2nd annual Ski 4 Yellow, complete with a yellow tie fundraising party and some amazing skiing the next day. All this in an effort to “kick cancer’s ass” in partnership with LIVESTRONG. Lots of photos and celebrity sightings in the full post.

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