Save More On Your Taxes With a Donor-Advised Fund

With the standard deduction more than doubling between 2017 and 2023, many taxpayers are choosing this option over itemizing. But is this the most efficient for everyone? Not necessarily, especially for the charitably inclined.

Gen AI – Beyond the Hype: Tactical Implementation Ideas

Now that we’ve completed the 101 and 201 classes for Gen AI, let’s go beyond the hype and talk about tactical, real-world uses of implementing Generative AI within knowledge management and support, including concepts like:

1. How to automatically summarize information from multiple documents and present to a user in self-service rather than relying on an agent to do this manually.

2. How to make your existing content more personalized so that it is better consumed on self-service, including real-time language translation, making a technical article less technical for a layman to better understand, and more.

3. How Generative AI can turbocharge your KCS program to automatically write knowledge articles based on the information from closed cases.

Gen AI 201: Beyond the Basics – LLMs, Vector Databases, Retrieval Augmented Generation, and More

Our last session, Inside the Minds of Generative AI, was the most popular yet. So we followed that up with this 201-level class, including a deeper dive into LLMs and an overview of Vector Databases, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and more.

Beyond ChatGPT – Inside the Minds of Generative AI

What exactly is generative AI, how does it actually work, is it truly intelligent, why does it hallucinate, and how can businesses use this technology? In this KM Best Practices session, some of the best minds in the space address these and many other questions while exploring the good, the bad, and the ugly use cases of ChatGPT-like technologies. Whether you are an AI enthusiast or a business leader looking to stay ahead of the curve, this session provides valuable insights into one of the most exciting developments in the world of AI.

RV Battery Management, Simplified (aka How-To Camp w/o a Generator)

After 10 years of RV’ing, I have noticed that two of the biggest mistakes campers often make is overloading their tow vehicle and not understanding how 12-volt deep cycle battery power management works. Most manufacturers and dealers either add to the confusion through their own ignorance or even outright lie just to make a sale. So here it is, a very simple way to make your battery last…

John Ragsdale on Why KM Programs Fail, Support Culture, and more

John Ragsdale is a distinguished researcher and the vice president of technology ecosystems for TSIA. He recently shared a wealth of knowledge with me, including how he started in support and KM, why vendors aren’t finding success with support improvements, how the move to cloud/SaaS has negatively impacted certain support practices, how customer support can help an organization weather the upcoming economic headwinds, his findings and thoughts about technical debt, how culture can kill any KM program, how support can get a seat at the executive leadership table, and more.

David Kay on the KCS Evolve Loop, Measuring Deflection, and More

I had the pleasure of catching up with David Kay to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his consulting firm, DB Kay & Associations. We had fun discussing a wide variety of topics, including what exactly is KCS, how the evolve loop of KCS works, measuring and improving case deflection, and intelligent swarming.

The Past, Present, and Future of KM with John Chmaj

Many consider John Chmaj to be one of the “fathers of Knowledge-Centered Support.” In my interview with him, you’ll see his copy of the first draft of KCS (now called “Knowledge-Centered Service”), learn some great historical context about knowledge management, and hear John’s predictions about the future of KM.

Our Worst KM Mistakes!

Knowledge practitioners share the worst decisions they’ve ever made in Knowledge Management so that you can learn from our mistakes!

KM Best Practices: April 19th, 2022 (Event #3)

In this recording of the April 19th KM Best Practices group meeting, you can hear from:

  • Laurel Poertner, Director of Knowledge Services at F5 and former KM leader at Coveo, Irrevo, Aptean, and Knova.
  • Libby Healy, Knowledge Manager at Waters Corporation and former KM leader at Tyler Technologies and Athenahealth.
  • John Ragsdale, Distinguished Researcher and VP of Technology Ecosystems at the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) and former Forrester analyst as well as former KM/CRM leader at Clarify, Nortel, and Answer Systems.

…share the knowledge management best practices that they have observed, created, and enacted that helped them mitigate the unique challenges presented by Covid-19, including the sudden shift to a remote workforce and the resulting effects of the “great resignation.”

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