100% to Charity

For the last 2 years, I have been fortunate enough to donate 100% of my sales bonuses to charity. Any time a new contract put me above year-to-date quota, I received a 50% bonus on the resulting sales commissions, which was all donated to charity. Thanks to some fantastic clients and colleagues, nearly all of my sales deals have generated such a bonus.

KM Best Practices: Jan 19th Event

In this recording of the January 19th KM Best Practices group meeting, you can hear Jeff Harling, Head of Global Self-Service at Zoom, Monique Cadena, Knowledge & Collaboration Leader at Akamai, and Christina Roosen, Sr. Community Program Manager at Akamai share their combined experience of 50+ years in knowledge management across other companies like Avaya, Comcast, Ring Central, Aspect Software, Zendesk, Quest Software, and Dell, including awards such as “KCS Innovator” and “JD Power & Associates Customer Excellence.”

Oct 8th Kickoff Event: KM Knowledge Sharing Day

Join leaders from Microsoft and NetApp to discuss a variety of best practices around knowledge management and customer support in this special web event facilitated by David Kay and Scott Bideau, both seasoned Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) and KM experts.

Is the Hospital Really Overrun With Covid Patients?

Yavapai Regional Medical Center ambulance bay

I’ve watched both friends and complete strangers question if the hospitals are really overrun with Covid and if such an occurrence is even that big of a deal. I decided to check things out a bit for myself today since I had to drop off an important and time sensitive package for one of the ER docs that was inadvertently shipped to my house. I called the hospital to make sure it wouldn’t burden them to run by real quick. After a 20-minute hold that already proved how busy things are, I was patched through to someone who arranged for me to quickly swing by the ER security desk.

Acts 4:13 Project

Acts 4:13 is a favorite bible verse of mine because it describes how ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary. My #Acts4Thirteen project is an attempt to leverage the skills, financial means, and passions that I have been blessed with in an attempt to improve the community around me, one act or good deed at a time.

Acts 4:13 is also part of a larger story about how God used twelve ordinary people to change the world. And so, this project is also about my seeking to become more like a thirteenth disciple.

By documenting some of these pursuits in a photojournalistic style, I hope to inform, entertain, and most importantly, inspire, others.

My Inflatable Standup Paddleboard (iSUP) Setup for Fly Fishing

My first attempt at fly fishing from a standup paddleboard was essentially a mitigated disaster while trying to deal with wind, too much clutter on the boat deck, and fish that were easily spooked. I have since learned to actually catch fish from the inflatable SUP but recently spent a lot of effort trying to streamline everything to become more stealthy for sight fishing. I’m pretty happy with the results, which I have documented in this post.

How Mr. Rogers Got Me Through the Year of Covid

There are three things I’ll never forget about March 2020. One was my wife, a nurse, explaining to her medically ignorant husband about how a new type of coronavirus was about to change the world. Second, I recall sitting at a restaurant and telling our kids that it might be the last time we go anywhere in public for quite a while – a sort of beta to our upcoming year of social distancing. Lastly, I remember watching “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” a documentary about Mr. Rogers.

Why I Prefer the Big Agnes Copper Spur Over the Tiger Wall

Big Agnes Tiger Wall (left) vs Copper Spur (right)

As a former Steamboat Springs local, I’m a bit biased toward the hometown team of Big Agnes. Having already used their Fly Creek and Copper Spur tents, I was excited to try the blended design of the new Tiger Wall series. But after a couple of test runs, I decided to forego the weight savings and stick with the Copper Spur. Here are 9 reasons why…

Freeze-Dried Meals For People With Food Sensitivities and Allergies

I know firsthand how challenging it is to deal with food sensitivities and allergies, especially in the backcountry. So after researching what pre-packaged, freeze-dried meals were compatible with my various medical restrictions, I built a comprehensive chart for the more commonly sold meal packets. Each product listed indicates the presence of major food allergens, including dairy (D), egg (E), nuts (N), seafood/fish (F), soy (S), and wheat (W), while also showing the existence of high FODMAP ingredients or meat. Each product then links to the manufacturer’s website where the exact ingredients can and should be be verified.

Kayaking & Camping On the Black Canyon Water Trail

My campsite along the Colorado River just south of Hoover Dam

The Black Canyon Water Trail is a 30-mile section of tailwater that extends out of Lake Mead from the Hoover Dam. This rugged and remote portion of the Colorado River offers clear water, sandy beaches, towering cliffs, colorful caves, and active hot springs, all in the middle of the Nevada and Arizona desert.

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