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A $15 Accessory that Increases AD200 Flash Power by 1/2 Stop in a Softbox

The Godox AD200  cordless flash mounts very easily into any Bowens mount softbox using the included bare bulb and an optional S-Type Bracket. But, as you can see from the image above, some light leaks out the bracket holes while also being absorbed by the black plastic instead of reflected out your softbox toward the subject being photographed. Here’s how a $15 accessory cures the problem to provide about 1/2 stop of additional flash power!

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F-Stop Guru UL Backpack Review

F-stop Gear’s smallest backpack – the Guru Ultralight – holds a lot of camera equipment in a slimlined 25L package while still having plenty of room for your water bottle, rain jacket, and other accessories.  With an internal suspension system, comfortable hip and shoulder straps, ripstop nylon shell, and base weight under 3 pounds, this backpack performs just as well for the active photographer biking or skiing down the mountain as it does for the casual shooter wanting to tote a camera and a few extra lenses around town.

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What’s in my Bag: Action Sports

A detailed accounting of the equipment I regularly use for photographing action sports like skiing, biking, and snowboarding, including cameras, lenses, must-have accessories, and even the bag I carry everything in – all in this installment of “What’s in my Bag” – Action Sports Edition.

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Printing Your Photographs

Photography has been transformed by digital. Thousands of images can now be saved to a $10 memory card. Hundreds of thousands can be stored on a $100 hard drive. Does printing even matter anymore? I say more so than ever!

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Over the Balloon

In anticipation of the 36th annual Steamboat Springs Hot Air Balloon Rodeo next month, I’ll share my favorite image from the event’s past. Proof that when you have a balloon festival in an area that is literally trademarked as the nation’s “Ski Town” – interesting photo opportunities present themselves.

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104th Winter Carnival

This year marked the 104th anniversary of the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival, complete with ski racing, ski joring, obstacles courses, ski jumping, and much more. It’s always a pleasure to photograph the event, not only for my own kids, but to gift the photos to all of the other participants and their families. Lots of fun images in the full post.

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Help Portrait Steamboat 2016

I just returned from a 12-hour day at Help Portrait Steamboat. This year was our largest ever, serving over 110 people in a single day with free hair and makeup, a professional portrait session, and sending them all home with a framed print.  We also had a special visitor – Santa!

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My Top 3 Mobile Photo Apps

Smartphone apps have made a dramatic impact on my photography – from recording scouting observations to planning a shoot from afar and later having that intelligence at my fingertips while shooting. I’ve compiled a list of my top 3 mobile apps with a mini review on each. I hope you find these tools as useful as I have.

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An Evening w/ Jim Richardson from National Geographic

I had the great privilege of facilitating a Skype interview with National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson at this week’s Yampa Valley Photographers meeting. Jim offered some great advice on everything from ethics to gear to photography business management – all from his “Small World” studio in rural Kansas.

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Stormy San Juans

Landscape photography doesn’t get much better than a combination of fall foliage, towering mountain peaks, and stormy skies. And that’s exactly what I encountered last weekend during a quick trip down to the San Juan mountains.

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