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Investing in the Worker Experience

Customer experience leaders financially outperform laggards. Forrester Research calculates the advantage at 14%. While almost every company is chasing the CX hype cycle, many forget who creates and manages those experiences: employees. Here’s why you should also invest in the worker experience, including the ROI of doing so.

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Enterprise Search is Dead!

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search is officially dead – something that probably should have happened years ago when search became so commoditized. Corporate users don’t want “search.” They want insights. Thankfully, there’s a new Magic Quadrant for that.

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Know How & Know Who

Excellent perspective from a former co-worker of mine. And while most organizations are getting better at surfacing their “know how” content with technologies like enterprise search, many still struggle with how to identify who knows what. In this post, we’ll look at how to automatically identify and leverage expertise within your organization.

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CX: from Fluff to Tough

Everyone is talking customer experience. McKinsey believes CX programs can substantially grow revenues. Gartner predicts that most companies will soon compete on the basis of customer experience while forecasting that half of this year’s product investments will be redirected toward those initiatives.

But talk is cheap and most companies are seeing only modest impacts from their customer experience efforts if they can even measure them at all.

So how can you go from fluff to tough – driving both customer satisfaction and profits from your CX programs?

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How the Slippery Slope of Self-Service Can Break Your Call Center

Self-service is more popular than ever before with 81% of customers attempting to self-solve before reaching out to a live representative according to the CEB. With a cost of pennies per transaction instead of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per assisted case, it’s no wonder why more and more companies are investing in this channel. But focusing purely on self-service is a huge mistake because the more successful that initiative is, the more complicated your assisted channel will become.

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An “Out of Office” Experience

Most people who don’t travel for work assume that life on the road is full of steak dinners, bottles of wine, and plush hotel rooms. I once took my wife on a trip to prove that most work travel is more likely to include gas station sandwiches while running between meetings, an alcohol-prohibited expense policy, and a middle seat in the rear of an airplane.

As stressful as the journey can be, it is the destination – the opportunity to collaborate in real-time with my clients – that I thoroughly enjoy. But I also waste no time before or after the meeting exploring the surrounding areas. This provides an appreciation for my client’s community, exposes me to new scomes, and makes the trip even more personally and commercially productive.

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In-Product Help, the Ultimate Self-Service

For all the considerable investments vendors have made in self-service, customers report only a 45% success rate according to the latest benchmark from the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA).  Most vendors make their customer leave the product, login to a support website, and then type in a generic query before becoming frustrated with irrelevant results. A much better method is to keep your customer in the product, pass proper context about who they are and what they are doing to your search engine, and return a list of highly relevant results. And that’s exactly what my client Adobe is now doing.

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The Elusive “Effortless Experience”

It’s been 3 years since the publishing of “The Effortless Experience,” a book chock-full of research confirming what customers have long found obvious but that too many vendors failed to understand: the path of least resistance is best. Why, then, do so many support organizations continue to make things so difficult on their customer? More importantly, how can your support organization actually deliver a low-effort experience?

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Your GSA will soon be bricked

In other words, completely unusable. That’s because GSA is an “appliance” that is licensed only for a limited time frame.  Google owns the hardware and the intellectual property (software) – you’re only “borrowing” it. And Google just sunsetted the GSA product and won’t even allow existing renewals past 2017.

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Content #Feedback

If you’re using Salesforce Knowledge and need a simple content feedback process, it can be as easy as tagging “#kbfeedback” in a Chatter post and then monitor that hashtag for actioning. This simple yet effective idea comes from Salesforce themselves, a client who recently walked me through their own process and graciously allowed me to share the details here.

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