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RV Water Hose Storage

Here’s a quick tip for a convenient place to store your RV’s freshwater hose. Just take a couple of ball bungees and attach the rolled-up tubing to your spare tire. I recommend connecting the hose inlet/outlet together to keep dust and debris out of the inside. And always remember to use a drinking water-approved hose since standard garden hoses often contain toxic chemicals that you don’t want in your freshwater tank.

How to (Legally) Become a Professional Photographer

A common question asked by an amateur photographer looking to turn professional is, “what equipment do I need?” I’ll skip the discussion around skill and experience being more important than equipment, but before you rush out and buy any equipment or start offering your services to others, you should consider the various liability issues and the options for operating as a legal entity that are available for your business and obtain the proper insurance for both your equipment and liability. I’ll cover specific options available in the United States in this article, although similar concepts are available in other countries.

Reflectix Insulation for Popup Campers

One of the best upgrades you can make to a popup camper is to install Reflectix. For less than $100 and fifteen minutes of your time, you’ll stay warmer on cold nights and cooler on hot summer days.

Popup Camper Buyer’s Guide

When I purchased my first RV, a Flagstaff 228 popup camper, the fine folks at Roberts Sales really helped educate me on how to choose the best floorplan for my needs. I have tried to capture a bit of what I learned below for the benefit of others. (RETROACTIVE EDIT: after owning our popup for about 5 years, I revisited this post and appreciated the information even more after enjoying over 100 nights of camping in our popup!)

Hydroller Grey Water Tank for a Popup Camper

Discharged water from your popup camper’s sink or shower should never be allowed to simply drain out the side and onto the ground. Food particles will attract animals and soap chemicals will damage the landscape. This is particularly important in desert environments where even clean water discharge can cause erosion.

Steamboat School Board Elects 5th Member in Highly Contested Race

In one of the biggest candidate pools for an open-seat election the Steamboat Springs School Board has had in recent memory, the panel finally got to full strength Thursday evening. The School Board unanimously elected Scott Bideau to fill the open seat, and for the first time since July, the district knows who its permanent members will be for at least two years.

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